What does an Interior Designer actually do?

Jan 13, 2020 | Blog

If we had a pound for each time we are asked ‘what do you actually do?’. Well, I wouldn’t need to be an Interior Designer anymore! With so many subcategories and specialists around, there are lots of common misconceptions around what Interior Designers do. Interior Design isn’t just for mansions or hotels. There’s a lot more to it than choosing cushions and paint colours!

Interior Design is an important part of your project. Lots of our North Wales and Cheshire based clients love Interior Design, but either can’t quite get it right or simply don’t have the time.  Creating a beautiful, functional space doesn’t happen by chance. Concept creation, sourcing and project management can be a huge strain; taking a lot of your time, wasting your money and causing you unnecessary stress.

Interior designers have valuable skills that can make your life easier. All Interior Designers are different and provide services dependant on their niche and speciality. Although, there are some that most Interior Designers offer as standard.

A typical Interior Designer will undertake the following services:

  • Translate your brief into a design
  • Work to your chosen budget and negotiate project fees
  • Undertake feasibility studies
  • Create designs to suit a specific budget
  • Provide presentations]to you in order to convey ideas and get approval for interior finishes
  • Specify and source finishes for your project
  • Layout or space planning of buildings, usually to articulate an artistic and practical idea (including the moving of walls, doors and windows where necessary)
  • Design and detail bespoke furniture and upholstery items
  • Specify, source and supply furniture, fittings and equipment from trade only sources
  • Design and create lighting and electrical layouts
  • Provide tender documentation and information for pricing of your project
  • Project manage a project overseeing the installation of items
  • Provide turnkey or styling services in order to finish your project to attain the visualised and agreed end result

An Interior Designer is multi-skilled in order to be able to offer a broad range of services for your project. However, in reality, most projects will include only a few of the services mentioned above. Only the largest projects require every single one of these services. Your Interior Designer will allow you to choose elements in which you need, tailoring their fee to suit your requirements.

We offer all of the above services across North Wales, Mid Wales and Cheshire. See how we can help you and your project.