Why Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Project is a Good Idea

Aug 2, 2018 | Blog

Intimidated by the idea of hiring an interior designer? Maybe you expect the process to be costly and domineering. Trust me when I say you are not alone. Although, despite popular belief, you don’t have to be super rich to commission a professional. Hiring a residential interior designer is surprising flexible, affordable and relative to your circumstances, making attractive spaces more accessible for everybody.

Well-designed spaces don’t happen by chance. They’re carefully considered, planned and curated – often by an interior designer. Whether you are looking to renovate your home, revamp just one room, or re-design your work-space, commissioning a good interior designer will ensure that your space is not only physically and psychologically comfortable, but reflects your personality, style and functions in a way that works with how you live your life. Here are 7 reasons why hiring an interior designer is worth some consideration…

Fees Cover All Budgets

One of the first questions clients ask:

“How much will it cost?”

An experienced interior designer understands that no two projects are the same. Each project is estimated individually, beginning with an initial consultation. This will ensure your designer gets a clear understanding of the brief and space in question.

Mon Interiors offer various levels of service, depending on how much involvement you want from your designer. The level of service will determine the over-all design fee making services affordable and accessible – even for those with the tightest of budgets!

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Save money

Yes, you heard it right. You can save money! Hiring an interior designer will mean you receive a professional assessment of your space. This prevents any smaller details from being over-looked and significantly reduce the likeliness of expensive mistakes.


On Budget, On Time

Rather than starting a project without knowing how much the final cost will be, an interior designer will plan and breakdown costs in advance by itemising prices for each element of the design. This is an essential part of the process which is often over-looked. Taking time at this stage will help ensure budget is adhered to, allowing you to spend your money wisely on what matters.

Too busy to manage your project? An established designer will have the skill to handle a project from start to finish too, guaranteeing a high standard of service every time. 


Stress Free

With a myriad of design options on the market, establishing a concept that will work for you can be a tad overwhelming.  The mind can only sort through so many options before it runs out of steam. An interior designer will advise on and help initiate what will work best for you. 


WOW! Factor

Hiring an interior designer can help bring an extra sprinkling of magic to your space. Their trained-eye enables them to think differently, creatively and spatially. They can envisage an overall picture unlike many clients.


It’s about you…

Bringing all of your dream ideas together is harder than it looks. Hiring an interior designer will help combine your ideas in a cohesive way, creating a space that is collected, reflects your personal style and pleasant to the eye.

Maximise Value

Hiring an interior designer can help boost buyer appeal by improving the aesthetic of a space. This increased appeal will exponentially increase viewings and sales, reduce the amount of time a home sits on the market  and it’s a sure-fire way of attaining a premium price. The benefit here is two-fold: a faster turn-around time and more money in your pocket!


Contacts & Exclusive Resources

There are masses of interior products and resources out there available to ‘the trade only’. Hiring an interior designer will give access to those normally unavailable to the general public, creating unique and distinctive spaces. Interior designers have access to an array of industry contacts too, saving you both time and headaches identifying reliable and reputable trades-people for your project.


By culminating all of the above, hiring an interior designer can be a huge investment in achieving your desired aesthetic. Would you consider this in the future?