Doing something for the first time is always a little daunting and hiring an Interior Designer is no different. So, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions with clear, concise answers to provide you with the reassurance and clarity of knowing what to expect when working with our experienced team.

The Team

What experience do you have?

With extensive experience in design and project management for private clients, landlords, developers and businesses across the UK, our tailored interior design services have allowed us the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients over the years on both traditional and contemporary buildings. We understand no two projects are the same and cater for projects of various sizes and scopes. We work predominanalt across North Wales, Mid Wales and Cheshire; and subject to availability and compatibility, across the UK and internationally. 


What is your style?

We believe well designed spaces are achieved by solving problem areas with an emotionally considered and functional approach. With a strong focus on light, colour, texture and form, our style is defined by our classic signature blend of the old and the new – traditional meets contemporary. We take a personal approach, allowing us to create stylish, timless spaces that are reflective of you, your personality and your lifestyle.


Can I see more of your work?

Yes, more examples of our work are available upon request; where we are able to share a PDF presentation of other finished projects showing final restults and technical details on how these spaces are created. Due to the personal nature of our work, not all clients are happy for their spaces to be shown digitally via our website. Please get in touch if you would like to see more.

The Process

Will I be working one-to-one with an Interior Designer?

Yes, all projects are lead by our Creative Director, Jennifer Williams, who will be your direct contract throughout the process. Dependant on the project, there may be other team members involved on your project however Jennifer will always be your main point of contact.


When should I hire an Interior Designer?

As soon as possible. Whilst we can normally offer a consultation at short notice, the design process can often involve a few months of planning – especially for larger, more extensive projects. Ample time is required to design, source and schedule installation for any scheme. In order to meet your desired completion deadline, studio time must be allocated to each client in advance. Our diary and timings will always be openly discussed with you at your initial consultation.


What is the design process?

Most of our projects are approached in four stages; concept, scheme, detailed design and installation – a carefully crafted structure which provides you with presentation points between each stage to gain your thoughts and feedback on the designs we produce. You can learn more about our design service structure here.


How involved will I need to be?

The benefit to hiring an Interior Designer is to outsource the time, knowledge and skill required to create a considered, functional and stylish space; therefore it’s in your best interest to make the most of the opportunity. We take care of everything for you, whilst encouraging any feedback at key stages of the design process. The most involvement is required at client meetings, where we request that clients make time with no distractions where possible. We need our clients to devote their time during meeting to engage with the the design and to provide honest and constructive feedback.


How do we get started?

All prospective clients are initially asked to provide an overview of their project using a set of guided questions which we will email. This allows us to gain a better understanding of your project and individual requirements. Answering these questions via email allows you time to think about your answers. We’ then assess your needs and our studio diary, in preparation to schedule an hour initial consultation. At this stage you’ll be able to discuss your project with our Creative Director in much more detail and better understand us and how we work.


What happens at the initial consultation?

You’ll meet with our Creative Director, Jennifer Williams, to discuss your project in detail. Here we will discuss your initial ideas and thoughts for the space in question and understand your requirements in greater depth. We’ll study and existing drawings or plans you may have and will discuss budgets and time frames in more detail.


How will you communicate the design to me?

The final design scheme will be presented to you in an in person meeting, or documents and samples can be posted to you prior to a virtual meeting. We will talk through our ideas, showcase samples and will explain costs in a collaborative relaxed nature, welcoming any ideas to which we will act accordingly. Working in this way ensures that you are involved and understand the elements we have considered for you. Note that if your brief changes and you decide to follow a different direction to that originally specified, addition design fees may be incurred.


What if I am unhappy with your designs?

In the unlikely event that the final design for your space isn’t suitable, we will ask for feedback from you to help understand why and where you think further work is require. If indicated within your initial project brief and points have been overlooked, we will make the necessary changes without any additional fees charge. If you have changed your mind and wish to progress the design in a new direction, additional design fees may be incurred.


I live outside of North Wales, Mid Wales, Cheshire & London, can you still work with me?

Yes. Whilst we’re based within these regions, we work with clients across the UK and abroad. Depending on the specific location of the property and the scale of the project, travel expenses may be included within your initial design fee proposal. We often conduct consultations and presentations via Zoom with clients at a distance. Please get in touch for more information.


What type of projects can you work on?

At Mon Interiors we work on a wide range of residential interior design projects and commercial design projects – of various sizes, scopes and locations and with varying deliverables.Our services are tailored to each client dependent on individual requirements.


Do we need to use your Contractors or Architect?

We are happy to work along side your own team of contractors or architect, however we can suggest contacts if need be. We  advise you appoint contractors, architects and interior designers around the same time so that the vital communication needed is in place right from the outset and during development stages  Without this in place from the beginning, works may need to be repeated and project deadlines are often extended dramatically.


Can you manage an entire project?

Yes, we offer project management services as an optional add on service, taking your project from concept right through to the final installation. You can learn more about our service structure here.

Our Fees

How do you charge?

Our design fees are calculated on an estimation of hours required to fulfil your brief. We outline all design fees within your fee proposal with details on when fees become due. Where invoices for products and tradesmen are paid on your behalf, funds must reach us before orders are submitted with our trusted suppliers or contractors begin work.


Do you charge for the first meeting?

Our virtual initial consultations are free of charge and last for around one hour. Before an initial consultation is booked we require an overview of your project. We will request this via email, providing a series of questions to guide you. The time during the initial consultation will then be utilised to gain an in-depth understanding of your project and to review any existing drawings or plans. We can also take this opportunity to talk to you about similar projects we have worked on in the past. If you would prefer an in person initial consultation, this is chargeable at a rate of £130+VAT for an hour, which is then deducted from your over all design fee should you go hire Mon Interiors for your project.


Is there a contract?

Yes, once you have agreed to your design fee proposal, you will need to sign an agreement for interior design services before we start work on your project. This is put in place to protect both you as the client as well as us as your interior designer.  The contract will be sent to you digitally via email, where an electronic signature is required.