How Restaurant Interior Design Impacts your Customers

Jan 27, 2020 | Blog

While restaurants, bars and cafes compete with each other using location, prices, and promotions, few take the win with their interior design. But why? Owning a restaurant and attracting customers requires more than good food. It requires good interior design too!

Restaurant Interior Design Impacts Customer Psychology

Your restaurant decor dictates how your customer perceives your brand, the level of service they expect and whether they will come back again. It even prompts your customers to order more, influences the duration of their stay, and impacts how much they are prepared to spend. Your restaurant interior design has a significant part to play within your overall brand image and in turn, translates to an increase in revenue.

Social Media Matters

In this Instagram-age, customers go to a restaurant not only for the food it serves, but its aesthetics too. Your restaurant interior needs to be ‘Instagrammable’. It’s your silent salesman. When your restaurant decor makes it onto your customers Instagram feed, it will entice their follower list. Beautiful design fuels free social media marketing opportunities, and more social media marketing means more customers!

Interior Design Works as an Effective USP

In today’s competitive industry, restaurants, cafes and bars are often very similar in terms of the dining experiences they offer. It has become harder and harder to stand out. However, your Restaurant Interior Design is what really makes a difference. It becomes your unique selling point (USP). Focus on the customer experience and dare to be different. An alternative, unique experience will draw customer attention. Give your customers something to remember!

Your Restaurant Layout Influences Customers to Stay Longer

Space planning is one of the most important elements of your restaurant design. Whilst maximising on the number of covers is good, too many mean your customers cannot move freely. Your restaurant layout should allow staff to move around with food and beverages on hand safely and easily, and your customers should have enough space to relax and be comfortable.

Create an Ambience

Create a soothing atmosphere your customers won’t want to leave. Dim lighting evokes a relaxing and comfortable climate; encouraging your customers to stay seated for longer and order more.

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