Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Mar 18, 2020 | Blog

Following the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we hope you and your loved ones stay in good health and that you are finding your way through these unfamiliar times. At Mon Interiors we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service across North Wales, Mid Wales and Cheshire and we are keeping a close eye on the developing situation with COVID-19; remaining vigilant and prioritising recommendations to keep our clients, teams and their families safe.


Nevertheless, we want you to know we are still very much in business as usual. We appreciate you won’t be booking face-to-face consultations anytime soon, but thanks to technology, we can continue to work with you on your project from home; but with some adjustments in the way we work as things unfold, as advised by HS and government officials. We are perfectly equipped to:

  • conduct initial consultations or face-to-face meetings via email, phone, or video call
  • send initial concepts and mood boards to you digitally
  • execute all product sourcing online
  • prepare colour and fabric samples and posted to you in preparation for any virtual meetings
  • conduct site visits (whilst allowed) where absolutely necessary; maintaining guidelines on hygiene and social distancing and voiding all physical contact such as hand-shaking/greeting hugs and sharing of equipment/tools

Remember, building work and renovations take proper planning to ensure a smooth renovation process. Under normal circumstances, this can often take as long as 2-6 months. For those that are in a position to do so, here is an opportunity to use this time wisely and form a detailed and considered approach, in preparation for normal business to resume.

We understand that hiring an interior designer may not be at the top of everybody’s priority list, but now more than ever people are spending more and more time at home.  We believe that making your home beautiful, functional and pleasant to spend time in will not only help this change feel more comfortable, but will have great impact on people’s lives and wellbeing as we fight these unprecedented circumstances moving forward.

Businesses too may benefit from interior design support as many are forced to restructure and adapt to survive the economic difficulties that have arisen. Creating the right environment for staff to thrive is fundamental to the success of your business. A well designed work space can enhance company culture, boost productivity, enforce brand values and deliver profitable results.

Despite these exceptional events we continue working hard to support you. Whether you are an existing client or looking to work with us, rest assured we can work together to adapt and collaborate, making your dream space a reality. Mon Interiors are also working hard in the background to broaden our interior design services and offerings to accommodate the current climate. We endeavour to  keep you updated of any further changes as events evolve and will make all necessary changes required from business owners to create a healthy working environment. Should you have any questions, reach out and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to stay connected throughout this challenging period.

Stay Safe!