How to Get the Most Out of your Interior Designer

Sep 12, 2019 | Blog

Inviting a relative stranger into your home can be a very daunting experience for many. In the early days of a project it can be quite difficult to know what to expect, especially if you don’t have any points of reference to work from. The process should be collaborative and fun from start to finish – however, sometimes the experience can be quite the opposite. 

Here are some tips on how to build a strong relationship with your designer; having a personality fit is incredibly important. You might love their signature style, but you also need to be comfortable spending extended periods of time with them.

Have fun collecting ideas and inspire together

Before embarking on a project, gather together as many images that inspire you as possible. This might be a specific piece of artwork that you love, or a place that you’ve visited and fallen in love with. Tear out images from magazines or create a digital mood board on Pinterest for all your ideas. Don’t worry about curating the images or pulling together the themes, this is something that your designer is there to interpret, filter and shape those ideas into something you love.

Involve your designer as early as possible

If you are carrying out a renovation, it is best to involve your designer at the planning stage. If you consider the layouts right from the off, you’ll be able to iron out any kinks alongside the architect. Your designer will be able to work alongside your architect to consider the layouts and to make any necessary adjustments. This ensures that your new space will be able to work to its full potential. The small details, like making sure that the plug sockets are in the right place can make all the difference in the world – these are some of the details which can be annoying if they aren’t quite right.

Consider your budget

Many clients don’t have a clear idea about their budget; this is common as it can be very difficult to estimate how much a house renovation might end up costing. The best option is to prepare a budget range, this is the ideal scenario – it will also allow your designer to consider whether your expectations are achievable or not. 

Don’t fear that your budget will run wild – your designer will be able to provide you with options for items once they have begun sourcing them, this allows you to remain in control of how much you are spending.

Don’t be afraid to say no

Don’t be afraid to speak up and say if you don’t like the direction your designer wants to go into. Many people are worried that their designer will take offense or even take over – a good interior designer will always listen to the client. 

Take time to mull over any big decisions and don’t be scared to ask why the designer has chosen a certain theme or idea, they won’t mind explaining their ideas to you!

Let your designer take on the stress

Your interior designer isn’t just a creative; they are trained to take you through the whole process, taking on the project management role and driving it forward. The benefit of hiring a professional is that they understand that even the most minuscule details make a project a success. 

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