Top Interior Design Trends of 2019

September 27, 2019
Using plants in Interior Design to improve well-being.

As with anything related to interior design, there are many predictions prior to the next calendar year; some of which stick and some don’t quite materialise. Now that we’re nearly into 2020, it’s time for a round up of the 2019 trends which had enough staying power. 


Sustainability Swaps

This year, the public consciousness has firmly switched on to helping the planet. So it’s only natural that this has been one of the biggest interior design trends to stick it out. New and previously established brands have all been offering sustainable products. It’s almost impossible to overhaul your lifestyle completely all in one go – but making small swaps here and there is an excellent way to start cutting down your carbon footprint. 

This links to the lesser known interest in ‘biophilia’, which emphasises the relationship between humankind and nature. The use of natural materials like wooden floors, stone and plant life reminds us to bring the outside and nature, in. 


Velvet Dreams

Velvet has been making a comeback for a little while now, but people still can’t get enough. Tactile, durable and with that hint of luxurious decadence – the texture can turn a room from drab to fab in an instant. Found in every colour imaginable, adding in velvet accessories to effortlessly blend with your interior. 



Florals are always on the popular side, but this year the look has taken on more of a leafy feel. From the lush tropical foliage to some subtle and soft English garden prints – things are going green in 2019. Suitable for all seasons, these prints help to keep the floral vibe current – this trend also actively encourages the addition of plants to the home too; whether the real deal or some faux beauties. 


Beige is Back

Shock horror, grey has been our staple neutral of choice for over a decade now, but here’s some hot off the press news… beige is coming back! This warm neutral, it’s an ideal base for your earthy palettes and this trend was ignited last year with the announcement from Dulex that Spice Honey was the colour of choice for 2019. 


Art Deco Decadence

Everyone seems to be ramping up for the reappearance of the roaring twenties; the ultimate period for glamour and over the top decadence. It might have been a hundred years ago, but people are still utterly obsessed with it; the sumptuous materials like marble and precious metallics to dramatic geometric prints and rich colour shades. 


Mediterranean Vibe

Going on holiday is a means to escape the mundane; choosing to stay in hotels that are a little bit nicer than our own homes. However, this year has been about creating a home that you don’t need a holiday from. The Mediterranean has hit homes full force this year, bringing with it your favourite elements of the holiday destination; the only thing that can be guaranteed is the sun!

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