Tips for Ultra Chic Easter Decor at Home

Feb 4, 2022 | Blog

Originally a celebration of growth and renewal, Easter decor doesn’t have to be quite so kitsch or commercial. Here we share some of our favoured decor concepts for an ultra chic Easter at home…

Floral Installations

For something a little extra, consider a floral installation. Whether it be a mantle piece, a stair bannister installation, a table centrepiece or a hanging installation; the perfect way to bring some bespoke seasonal decor to your home. This magnificent mantle arrangement from Melanie Lissack Interiors really makes our hearts sing! With or without the decorative eggs, this is a fabulous way to bring a breath fresh of spring air to your home!


We do love an attractive tablescape here at Mon Interiors and what better way to style than with springs beautiful blooms?! Easter decor doesn’t have to be all things ‘bunny rabbits’. Sometimes decor that is that little bit less obvious poses the most impact. Bringing all of the French countryside vibes, this is the perfect way to celebrate Pâques!

Commercial Interior design - Easter Tablescape Decor interior design north Wales - Easter Tablescape Decor Flatlay

Easter Decor

We’re firm believers in the less is more approaching here at Mon Interiors. When incorporating more conventional Easter shapes into your decor, opt for simple, sculptural shapes. Avoid the use of symmetry for something a little unexpected and oversized pieces ALWAYS appear higher quality! Pieces that are a little more ‘open for interpretation’ in a subdued colours palette will curate more of a refined, sophisticated look.

Bring the Outside in

Step outdoors – Easter is a great moment to decorate utilising nature around you. Something as simple as a branch with a strong, structural shape looks beautiful placed within an oversized, glass vase. Hanging egg shaped decorations on branches bring a fun flair to this simple but effective arrangement. We like to stick to a tonal palette to keep things chic!

Egg Painting

A long lived tradition, the painting of eggs is the perfect way to get into the Easter spirit. Textured paints & a tonal palette form a less predictable, rustic look. Placing eggs in a decorative bowl with loose feathers and ribbon or string make for a subtle but charming addition. For something a lille more avant garde, we adore these naturally dyed abstract eggs. We love all things abstract here at Mon Interiors and this contemporary spin on a popular celebration is  a 

A Festive Bake

Baking on Easter is a nod to tradition, where people would come together and celebrate. Go for a classic with Hot Cross Buns, or carrot cake is another great choice. Sharing this with your friends or neighbours is a way to connect with your community. That warm spring breeze certainly inspires more creativity, so don’t hesitate to get imaginative in the kitchen.

Easter baking residential interior design - Easter Carrot Cake



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