Great Design Takes Time

May 20, 2020 | Blog

Let us tell you a secret: great design takes time. Those well designed spaces you swoon over on Instagram and Pinterest are never knocked up in a few days. Great design flows from vision, inspiration, creativity, and effort. To create a well designed space that works for you, your designer will need: to know what it is you would like to achieve, interior design skills, the correct tools to execute your design and above all, TIME. Without time to develop a brief, process your requirements, research design solutions, experiment with ideas and develop your design, great design is out of reach.


Book your design time

There are designers that will try to turn things around in a few days. At Mon Interiors, we insist on setting a realistic amount of time to develop a design – normally a matter of weeks, or even months on large scale projects. We may spark a brilliant idea in a few days, but then time must be allowed for that idea to evolve. Time to edit, change and reflect on to ensure your space uses its potential to be the best it can be.


It pays to get it right

Many clients are new to an interior design process as deep as ours. We believe that allowing time to plan thoroughly at the early stages is what defines a project. We take time to understand your goals, requirements, and lifestyle and how you need a space to work for you. This is what makes a beautifully designed home liveable, functional and most of all, enjoyable. 


Impatience doesn’t speed things up

Pressure and unnecessary stress stunts creativity. It welcomes rushed decisions that are in-considered and invites mistakes you are sure to regret later down the line. At Mon Interiors we never rush things. Deadlines may be tight, but having patience to allow your designer time to plan properly is essential in ensuring your project runs smoothly from beginning to end. The most memorable spaces are those that have undergone experimentation, deep thought, and long term development. It is the time for this that is your biggest investment.


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