Bring Form and Function to your Home Office Workspace

March 23, 2020

During these testing and uncertain times, thanks to COVID-19, more people than ever are working remotely. Whether you run your own business or you are employed and working from home until things become ‘normal’ again, having a work space that is both functional and inspiring is essential for our wellbeing and to keep us operating productively. Creating the perfect home office workspace takes consideration. Let us share with you our top tips on how to create a comfortable, stylish and organised workspace at home.

Consider your working habits and choose a designated space for your home office.

To work most efficiently, assigning a room within your home that can provide peace and quiet is best. If you don’t have a spare room, consider setting up your workspace in an underused room. This will encourage a better work/life balance if you’re able to close the door on your workspace at the end of the day.

Where this isn’t possible, look at claiming an area within another room that can be sectioned off. This might mean getting creative with an awkward space but be sure to choose somewhere where the chance of disturbance is minimal. You’ll likely spend a lot of time in your home office so it will need to be quiet, comfortable and well ventilated. Adapting an outdoor space also works well: your garage, garden shed or outdoor room. Outdoor offices work really well as they exaggerate the sense of separation from your home.

Think about what you need from your workspace and use this as a starting point.

Practicality and functionality should come first; style afterwards. Before selecting furniture for your space, consider the type of storage you require and how you need to organise yourself. Floating shelves are great to house items you need close to hand without sacrificing valuable floor space. Think outside the box and look for pieces of furniture that can be multifunctional. For example, if you need substantial desk space, look at using a dining table as an alternative to the traditional desk.

Invest in a decent desk chair – your back will thank you.

When spending long periods of time at your workspace, being comfortable is essential. Opting for a chair that is ergonomically-correct, pleasant to sit in and looks great is a worthwhile investment. If there’s anything you splurge on, let it be this.

Accessorize your workspace to ensure it is inspiring as well as functional.

Add that personal touch by incorporating items that are reflective of you and your style; anything that helps make your workspace feel unique to you. Be careful not to over accessorize to avoid cluttering your workspace.

Bring the outside in.

Every work space needs a living plant. Plants are scientifically proven to boost productivity, reduce stress, improve air quality, and strengthen concentration. They’re the perfect space fillers for styling too!

Create a beautiful view.

Use the power of nature to create a calming scene for when you glance up from your computer. Where it works, try setting up in front of a window to create a view over the garden. Studies suggest that scenes of greenery and water have a calming effect, increasing levels of happiness, energy and cognitive function. No garden view? Try hanging a piece of artwork to create the same effect.

Think in colour.

The theory of colour psychology suggests colour has a direct effect on human behaviour. For example, soft blues help calm the mind and aid concentration whilst yellows and oranges spark creativity and energy. Colours have different connotations for different people. Be conscious of this and take note of how certain colours make you feel before deciding on a colour scheme.

Keep your workspace light and airy.

A well-lit room is a gamechanger in boosting creativity and concentration. Natural day-light is preferable thanks to its influence on our energy levels, but where restricted, try strategically placing mirrors to reflect any natural light you do have. If unavailable, try using artificial lighting to create the illusion of luminosity.

Keep your workspace clean and organised.

Set your desk up close to power points and try to hide any unsightly cords or wiring. You’ll be surprised at the difference this will make to your desk area.. Eliminate clutter and have a home for everything you need.. Incorporate a mix of storage solutions  and a pinboard to help your workspace feel organised and slick.

Use a pin board or notice board.

This is a great way to visualise your goals and achievements, and track deadlines. If you can’t get your hand on a nice looking one, why not try customizing your own?

Now you have the tips are you ready to bring functionality and style to your home office, get to work. Need a little more help? With our bespoke interior design services, we offer both in person and e-design services to create your perfect space in a way that best suits you. Get in touch here.

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