Exciting News: Joining the Concept North Team!

June 10, 2019
Concept North Chester

After the wonderful Concept North meet up in Chester last month, we’ve got some more amazing news to share with you! Our creative director Jennifer has been invited to join the Concept North team full time! She’ll be working alongside the founders, Natalie and Melinda.

Jennifer joins the Concept North team with a background in the property industry, and a wealth of interior design knowledge – as well as social media marketing tips for the design industry. A triple threat of amazing ideas if you ask us!

She takes with her the representation that North Wales needs; giving a voice to professionals in the area, and creating opportunities for exciting collaborations and partnerships. Highlighting that big ideas don’t have to come from a big city!

This is an amazing opportunity to highlight interior design and interior designers in North Wales, and just how many brilliant design and property professionals there are in the North West area.

The meet up in Chester last month was a huge success, a meeting of like-minded creative individuals, forming friendships and even collaborative projects. The event welcomed over 70 guests for a lovely evening of live music, mingling, food tasting and of course the live panel chat that Jennifer participated in! Of course, we think that she was simply amazing, and we’re so proud of the direction that Mon Interiors is going in.

Jennifer is hitting the ground running with Concept North as they don’t seem to ever stop working. With plans already in motion for the next 18 months (how on the ball are these guys?), we think that the collaboration of these three creatives is going to be a dream team.

Did we mention that the July meet up for Concept North is going to be announced soon? The hard work never stops for these three!

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